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This page contains all downloadable documents that are currently featured throughout our website.


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As a MAS Member you have ready access to a range of competitive personal and business loans – along with valuable advice.


Life and General Insurance 

MAS has a range of insurance covers to meet your personal, as well as practice or business requirements.


Professional Life Plan
Professional Life Plan is a modular life and disability solution offering Members the ability to insure multiple lives with multiple covers under a single policy.


Savings and Investment

We have a great range of savings and investment products. Choose from simple high-interest and no-fees savings accounts to term deposits, superannuation and KiwiSaver, property, and other managed funds.


KiwiSaver and Superannuation

With a Medical Assurance Society KiwiSaver Plan or Retirement Savings Plan, we make it as easy as possible for you to save for your retirement.



You may not need insurance, loans or investments right now. But if you’d like to check out your options, we have a wide range of services to choose from – including special offers just for students. You can mix and match the different options, or we can put a package together to suit your situation and needs.


General forms


 Direct debit form (66Kb)





 Personal CreditLine Application (204Kb)


 Business Finance Summary Sheet (1.9Mb)


 Application for Business Finance (586Kb)


 Statement of Financial Position/Income and Outgoings form (243Kb)


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General Insurance


 Contents valuation guide (971Kb)


 Motor vehicle insurance application (177Kb)


 General Insurance Claim form (115Kb)


 Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim form (374Kb)


 Full replacement fact sheet (968Kb)



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Professional Life Plan


 General health questionnaire (212Kb)


 Activities and pursuits questionnaire (224Kb)


 Asthma questionnaire (217Kb)


 Cancer tumour questionnaire (212Kb)


 Diabetes/abnormal blood sugar questionnaire (232Kb)


 Mental health questionnaire (228Kb)


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Savings and Investment


 MSL Debenture and Savings Plan Investment Statement (592Kb)


 MSL Debenture Prospectus December 2013 (11MB)


 MSL Financial Statements - 31 March 2013 (1.00Mb)


 MSL PIE Fund Investment Statement and Application form (860Kb)


 MSL PIE Fund Prospectus September 2013 (374Kb)


 PPS Investment Statement September 2013 (410kb)

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KiwiSaver and Superannuation


  KiwiSaver Investment Statement September 2013

 MAS KiwiSaver Plan direct debit form (317Kb)


 MAS KiwiSaver Summary Sheet (2Mb)


 MAS KiwiSaver Plan - Employer Preferred Provider Appointment form (384Kb)


 Retirement Savings Plan Investment Statement and Application form (2Mb)

 Retirement Savings Plan direct debit form (316Kb)


 Retirement Savings Plan and KiwiSaver Switch Form (363Kb)


 Retirement Savings Plan Summary Sheet (180Kb)


 MAS RSP and KiwiSaver Trust Deed March 2013 (2Mb)


 MAS KiwiSaver Prospectus 20 September 2013 (281Kb)


 MAS Retirement Savings Plan Prospectus 20 September 2013 264Kb)


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 Student contents and motor vehicle insurance application (184Kb)


 Student CreditLine application (647Kb)



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