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Tragically, people often leave behind dependents when they die – perhaps husbands, wives or children, or even siblings or parents. MAS offers life insurance to protect your loved ones if you die or become terminally ill or completely disabled.

Life insurance can ensure your debts are met and allow your dependants to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. It can take away financial worries at a time when dealing with the loss of a loved one is distressing enough. Importantly, it allows your family choice about what to do next.


MAS life insurance

  • Cover is provided through until age 99, irrespective of your state of health, provided you maintain your premiums.
  • You can select to have your cover increase with inflation each year.
  • Our Guaranteed Insurability feature allows you to increase your life insurance cover over time without the need for further medical checks and irrespective of your state of health.
  • Even without Guaranteed Insurability, you can adjust your level of cover at any time by contacting your MAS adviser (increases in cover will usually need to be underwritten).
  • You can select a joint policy providing cover for you and one other person, such as your spouse. The insurance will be paid on the death of the first person covered under the policy.

Optional benefits

  • Level Term: You can select a fixed term for your life insurance policy, with the same amount of premium payable throughout the term of the policy.
  • Total and Permanent Disablement: If you become totally disabled due to sickness or injury prior to age 65, are away from your occupation for longer than six months and medical evidence indicates you will be unlikely to ever return to your occupation, your life insurance can be paid out while you are alive.

Talk to a MAS adviser today


MAS’s salaried advisers are specialists in dealing with the insurance needs of professional people and can help you work out the best mix and level of life insurance cover you need to ensure financial security for your family. Contact us to talk to an adviser today. 




Normal underwriting criteria apply, and additional premium may be required for pre-existing conditions.

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