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Medical Assurance Society Retirement Savings Plan
Superannuation schemes are a special type of investment fund with their own legislation. MAS offers one such fund, called Retirement Savings Plan (RSP). To find out more, call us on 0800 800 627.

How does a super scheme work?


Super schemes usually invest in a variety of investments – from ‘income assets’ such as cash and fixed interest to ‘growth assets’ such as shares. You can make regular contributions to a super scheme and that money is pooled with other investors to create a single investment fund.


With a super scheme:

  • You have access to a wide range of investments that you probably wouldn’t have access to if you invested on your own.
  • Costs of investing are shared across investors.
  • RSP is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE), making it tax efficient.
  • You choose which type of investment you want to invest in.
  • Your savings are usually locked away until a certain time, or until you reach a certain age.
  • Your returns are taxed and the tax is taken out by your provider before you withdraw your money.
  • When it’s time to withdraw your savings you choose how your money is paid to you – in a lump sum or regular amounts.
  • You can access your money before the time is up if you suffer financial hardship.
  • If you die your money is paid to your estate.

Key features of MAS Retirement Savings Plan

  • No setup, entry or contribution fees.
  • Contribute what you want, when you want.
  • Seven simple investment choices.
  • Can accept employer contributions for those eligible for employer subsidised superannuation from their District Health Board employer.

Working in a hospital? 


You may be eligible to receive subsidised superannuation from your employer. MAS Retirement Savings Plan and KiwiSaver can help you take maximum advantage of this.


Apply now


Download the Investment Statement and Application.


More information

The Medical Assurance Society Retirement Savings Plan is a unitised investment fund. This means that contributions to the Plan are used to purchase units. The unit price will rise or fall in value according to changes in the value of the underlying investments.

The Plan became unitised on 1 April 2013. Prior to this an investment return was declared for each six monthly period ending 31 March or 30 September. For a full description of how unitised investments work as well as information about related changes effective from 1 April 2013, please see the Written Notice to Members or check out our Understanding Unitisation Frequently Asked Questions sheet.


The 2013 Retirement Savings Plan and KiwiSaver report can be download here.


A prospectus for the MAS Retirement Savings Plan was registered with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers on 21 September 2012. A copy of the prospectus can be viewed here, or online on the Companies Office website at under the file for the MAS Retirement Savings Plan.


Or for personal, tailored advice, you can talk to a MAS adviser by phoning 0800 800 627 or emailing





Investments in the MAS Retirement Savings Plan are not guaranteed by the MAS Retirement Savings Plan Trustees, MAS New Zealand Limited parent companies, or any associated entities. Copies of the latest registered prospectus and investment statement can be downloaded from this website or by calling 0800 800 627.


Retirement Savings Plan account login

You can check your Retirement Savings Plan account balance here by logging into your Aon account.


 RSP Investment Statement and Application (2Mb)

 Retirement Savings Plan and KiwiSaver Switch Form (363 Kb)

 RSP Prospectus 2013 (2.7MB)

 Retirement Savings Plan Summary Sheet (132Kb)

 MAS RSP and KiwiSaver Trust Deed March 2013 (2Mb)

 Written notice of changes effective 1 April 2013 (144.0 Kb)

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