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About MAS


Members are regularly invited to events including MAS Talks, MAS Movie night, MAS AGM, business seminars, cocktail functions, and young professional evenings.

To keep costs down, invitations to these events are sent by direct email to Members. You'll also see them advertised in our Member magazine, On MAS.

To ensure you are included in any invitations, make sure we have your preferred email address on file.

All Members are invited to our events on a first in, first served basis.

MAS also sponsors conferences and events organised by Members and their industry organisations.

If you see us at your industry conference, take the opportunity to come and talk to us or introduce others.

Take a look through our event folder to learn more about the activities and events we deliver for MAS Members.

Because we only have a certain amount of Member funds earmarked for sponsorship, we tend to sponsor the larger industry conferences and events to ensure the majority of our membership benefit from any investment.

If you have an idea for an event, or would like to talk to MAS about sponsorship, you can talk to our Sponsorship and Events Manager on the contact details below.


Carolyn Leatherby

DDI:  04 494 0350

Mobile:  021 321 348