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MAS Talks

About MAS Talks 

MAS held the first MAS Talks event series in 2015.

Feedback from Members after the inaugural event series told us that they liked the concept of MAS Talks and they wanted more. MAS Talks has now become a regular annual event for the MAS community.


Let’s be honest, MAS Talks isn’t a new idea - we’re inspired by TED and we emulate their proven formula.

But MAS Talks is different because we tailor it to the MAS community. We invite our Members to tell us what the key topics of interest are they want to know about and to recommend expert speakers they'd like to hear from.

The MAS team are continually researching what's important and seeking out expert speakers to join us*.


The objectives of MAS Talks are:

  • To bring the MAS community together to understand and discuss key issues affecting New Zealand.
  • To educate and raise awareness about new research and/or trending issues.
  • To give the MAS community access to leading experts.
  • To share the resulting recordings with the wider MAS community.


When it comes to speakers, the MAS community has high expectations – they’re super smart and they’ll want you to inspire, engage and challenge them.

The MAS team will work with speakers well in advance of the event to help shape a presentation that will succeed. We want you to give the talk of your life!

If you'd like to nominate a speaker click here.

*MAS gives all speakers full autonomy for their 18 minute talk. We encourage them to provide inspiring, thought-provoking and sometimes challenging content. Because of this, the views shared are not necessarily the same as those of MAS. Take from each talk what's of value to you and if you don't agree, that's OK!