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Home Security Tips

Some tips to secure your home

If you’re out and about, or on holiday, here are a few tips from the team at MAS to make sure the things that matter to you are protected:

  • Don’t advertise that you are away, including on social media. Leave some lights to come on at night with timers, arrange someone to collect your mail and stop your newspaper. Make it appear that there is someone at home.
  • Don’t leave a phone voicemail saying that you’re away.
  • Check door locks and window stays.
  • Check the security of your garage and outbuildings.
  • Turn on your alarm if you have one.
  • Have sensor lights fitted near entry points.
  • Record serial numbers of expensive items, take photos of your items and upload them.  You can use the inventory in the MyMAS app, or alternatively you can use the SNAP database.
  • Lock away jewellery, portable electronic devices and any other valuables.