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Elective Scholarship

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Like you, MAS is here to help. As we are a mutual founded by doctors, medical students can apply for our MAS Elective Scholarship to help with $1,500 towards their elective placement costs.

Entry criteria

For applications to be accepted for judging, they must meet the following criteria:

To have a valid entry for the MAS Elective Scholarship, applicants must:

  • be signed up to Join the Conversation. To join, visit: bit/ly.masconvo
  • be currently studying for a medical degree.
  • only make one entry per person, and no group applications will be accepted;
  • be going on their Elective in the upcoming Elective period as outlined in the Application periods timetable below.
  • agree to comply with the terms and conditions.
  • Write an essay that:
    • answers the question stipulated by MAS;
    • is no longer than 1,000 words;
    • is the original work of the Applicant;
    • is emailed as a Microsoft Word document to with the subject line “MAS electives scholarship”;
    • is typed, double line-spaced, with numbered pages and sources referenced using footnotes.

Footnotes must include:

  • author, title of publication, publisher if available, date or internet URL wherever possible for source references if applicable.
  • full name, year of study, place of study, intended elective destination, elective dates, email address and mobile number

Entries that do not meet these criteria will not be read and are not eligible for the Scholarship.

MAS and its judges are under no obligation to provide feedback on any entries, either during or after the competition.

How to apply

For the Elective period February 2019 – May 2019, students are asked to write up to 1,000 words on the question “Is an elective still a relevant part of a medical degree?”

All applications must be received on time, by email to with the subject line “MAS electives scholarship”.

Please ensure your application meets all the entry criteria and you have read the terms and conditions carefully. You will receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your application, if you do not, please check the email address you have used is correct.

Application timing

Elective period Applications open Applications close Judging period Scholarship awarded
Nov 18 to Feb 19 23 July 18 6 Sept 18 10 Sept - 5 Oct 18 10 October 18
Feb 19 to May 19 17 Sept 18 6 Dec 18 10 - 21 Dec 18 28 December 18
May 19 to Aug 19 11 Dec 18 7 March 19 11 - 22 March 19 27 March 19
Aug 19 to Nov 19 11 March 19 6 June 19 10 - 21 June 19 26 June 19

Scholarship recipient criteria

By submitting an entry for this Scholarship, the applicant agrees that if they win they will be required to share their Elective experiences by:

  1. Writing a monthly blog on, including photos and/or video, and
  2. Writing a summary (or submitting a video) of the elective experience to show how the scholarship helped.

MAS reserves the right to recover the amount of any scholarship moneys paid to any successful applicant who breaches this term.

Additional terms of the MAS Elective Scholarship

Please read the MAS Elective Scholarship terms and conditions for additional terms.