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Cyber-bullying benefit for contents policies

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A Contents Policy that makes a difference

As a mutual, MAS has a long history of caring for the health and wellbeing of Members and their families. We’re pleased to be the first New Zealand insurer to offer a personal cyber-bullying benefit as part of our Lifestyle and Residential contents policies designed to take some of the pressure off during stressful and challenging times.

What is the cyber-bullying benefit?

Any Member with a Lifestyle or Residential contents policy will be able to claim up to $5,000 per year for costs related to cyber-bullying. This could include the reasonable cost of counselling, rest and recuperation, lost salary, relocation, private tutoring and school enrolment if relocating to an alternative school is necessary.

What is cyber-bullying?

The ways that cyber-bullying occurs are diverse: calling people offensive names online, posting embarrassing content (including photos and videos), discrediting or posting false information, ostracism and exclusion, stalking or harassing via phone or web. Impersonating someone, sexually harassing, threatening and intimidating. Over the last 10 years these hazards of our online environment have gained more attention and, unfortunately, research also indicates that these types of harassment are becoming increasingly common.

You can find out more about cyber-bullying and its effects at MAS Hub.

Who is affected?

Most commonly cyber-bullying is talked about as a problem for pre-teens and adolescents. Among those aged 10 to 18, 27% report being victims of cyber-bullying at some time in their lives (Cyberbullying research Centre, 2016). For children, cyber-bullying can follow them from the schoolyard into the home allowing no reprieve.

The problem is also more common among adults than you may think. For adults, cyber-bullying can come in the form of harassment and intimidation, defamation, or even threats. It can be hackers who have accessed your private information and are threatening you. Or it can be someone you know - a colleague, family member or former partner who holds compromising material. At its worst it can impact people’s mental health, their relationships and their self-esteem.

We know the impact of cyber-bullying can have a financial impact and that’s why MAS has added a cyber-bullying benefit to its contents policy.


To find out more take a look at our Residential Contents and Lifestyle Contents policies or call 0800 800 627.