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Fine Print

Below are some links to important information about the way in which MAS offers financial products and services to Members. 

Financial strength

The financial strength of MAS is reflected in the ratings carried by our insurance companies. The Financial Strength Rating and Solvency page contains important information about these ratings.

QFE disclosure statement

The MAS QFE disclosure statement contains important information to inform you of the financial products our advisers can give you advice about, and how they are remunerated for that advice. It also tells you who can talk to you if you need more information, or if things go wrong.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to MAS. Please refer to the MAS Privacy Policy for information about how MAS collects, uses and shares personal information.

Fair Insurance Code

MAS is a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand and as such must adhere to the Fair Insurance Code. The Code describes the responsibilities that we have to our Members, and the responsibilities that our Members have to us when we are providing general insurance services. It also provides information on complaints procedures.