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Life, Income & Disability

Life Insurance

Why do you need Life Insurance

Imagine your family after your death - what do their lives look like?

  • Your home: Is there a mortgage, and who will pay it?
  • Your children: What was your vision for your children's future, and what does it look like now?
  • Your income: If you were the major income provider, where does that income come from now?
  • The future: Because your family's future plans have now changed, are their choices limited?

The good news is that you can influence these outcomes.

Life Insurance helps give your family the financial freedom to be able to make the choices you intended and move on with their lives.

MAS difference

As a mutual, we work for you, our Members. We seek to ensure that you are getting the best possible cover for a fair premium and excess. MAS prides itself on offering our Members top quality service, including:

  • Non-commissioned advisers who are able to meet with you at your home or workplace, at a time that suits you, to give you the best financial advice for your situation.
  • Easy to understand policies.
  • A single point of contact for claims, who is only ever a phone call away, by using our MAS App or you can claim online here.

Over 30,000 Members trust us to meet their financial needs, whether that’s personal and/or business property, income security, life insurance, finance or savings and investments, to name a few.

Next steps

For more information read our Life Insurance summary document. The next step is to meet with a MAS adviser who will conduct a free financial review. MAS advisers are happy to meet when and where it suits to fit into your busy schedule. To book your free financial review, simply complete our enquiry form, or email MAS at or phone 0800 800 627