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Before you arrive in New Zealand

  1. Before you do anything, you'll need to register to work as a doctor in New Zealand. You can do that, plus find out more about our medical system at

  2. You'll need to apply for a working visa. Check out the Immigration NZ Skills Shortage List to see which one would suit you. Head to

  3. Got questions around transferring your pension over? We can help with that. Just fill out the form and we'll get in touch.

  4. Take the hard work out of creating your 'Moving to NZ to do' list. Answer a few simple questions at and receive a personalised task list.

  5. You'll also need an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number for tax purposes. Find out more about that at While you’re there, take a look at the Foreign Investment Fund Tool to figure out what impact your rental property at home might have on your taxable income here.

  6. It’s worth getting up to speed on the different kinds of resident visas we have. Permanent Residency lets you travel in and out of NZ without restrictions. More at

  7. Get all the paperwork together that you might need before you leave. Having things like insurance claim history documents handy could save you lots of time when you’re sorting things at this end.

  8. Get your living arrangements sorted before you apply for a bank account. Visit  to find out what documents you need.

  9. Look into what advocacy groups you could join. One that’s definitely worth checking out is the NZ Medical Association – 
  10. Before you start practicing take a look at what indemnity protection is available. The Medical Protection Society is the world's leading protection organisation for doctors and healthcare professionals. 
  11. Talk with your employer about any entitlements. Most international Medical Graduates working at an NZ DHB get a 6% contribution to their Retirement Savings Plan. 

  12. To get an idea of rental and property costs around the regions have a look at TradeMe, New Zealand's equivalent of ebay.

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